So today I managed to connect Irssi to Facebook Chat through Bitlbee. Irssi is an awesome command line IRC client, I’ve set it up on a server and with ssh and screen. Here I explain how to setup irssi and bitlbee with facebook chat.

Lets get Irssi and Bitlbee.

sudo port install irssi
sudo port install bitlbee

Then configure bitlbee.

cp /opt/local/etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf.sample /opt/local/etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf

Open bitlbee.conf and search/edit to RunMode = ForkDaemon. Now start bittlbee and irssi.


Right now you’re in irssi’s console mode. Run the following to get things working. These commands should be easy to understand.

/connect localhost
account add jabber [email protected] password

The following renames friend list default names to readable names.

account fb set nick_source full_name

Start the chat.

account on

And it is done. Now you should learn about irssi. Quick tip to start a conversation:

/query Name

To chat in a new window run /window new hide before.
Bellow is a screenshot of mine.

Irssi Screenshot

There is plenty of information about irssi. About bitlbee and Facebook here are some useful resources: