I'm currently the CTO at Subvisual, where I've been working since 2013. Subvisual is a venture studio, so most of my work involves researching and building products and teams. Some of my highlights were Utrust (now called xMoney) and Sandclock where I was the interim CTO.

I'm a software developer building products. I've acquired many skills over the years, but my focus at the moment is Elixir and Cloud Infrastructure. I also have a lot of experience with Ruby, Node.js, and even front-end.

I'm not looking for job offers, but I'm available as a consultant and advisor. Feel free to reach out on Twitter

I've had (too) many personal projects, from offline-first journals, to midi instrument, a manga reader or colaborative online editor. Recently I've been focusing my energy on Notedown (a note-taking app), Still (a static site generator) and my custom hardware groovebox (more information to come!).