I’m trying to get back into music production. I used to make and sell hip-hop beats. It's been a while, and I no longer have the same taste in music. I'm trying to understand what do I like right now, and I'm documenting my progress here, one audio clip at a time.

Two little loops I've been playing around with. Both have a sample + some VST instruments on top. I feel that using a couple of samples make the song feel more organic and rough, I can never get that feeling when I only use VST instruments. I guess I have to level up my editing skills.

I put a lot of effort into this track, but I can't make myself finish it. I think it's a better investment of my time to make more tracks than making this one "perfect". There's a main sample, some VSTs and drum sounds I collected from the web. The voice samples are from a TV Show my girlfriend happen to be watching at the time.

I've been playing around with the Pico-8. It's a fun console that's all about limitations. There are 8 instruments to play with, and each song can only have 4 tracks. After a couple of days the limitations become liberating.