A drawn ruby

... was my first love

We have been together for many years. The syntax has caught my eye and the community conquered my heart. Together we traveled the world. I’ve grown so much.

A young men kissing a ruby.

Ruby is the best

... but I'm not a "Ruby developer". Ruby is a tool, and I know how to use it. I’ve practiced a lot on new and old codebases. Ruby was never an issue. When I choose something that’s not Ruby, I’m aware that most of the times I'm just choosing different problems to solve.

I love Ruby's maturity. It no longer tries to be a shiny language. I choose Ruby when I want a language that is fast to code and deploy. I choose Ruby when I want well supported packages and a good community. I choose Ruby to get my work done, so I can go home and play with shiny new toys.

An older men holding a champagne glass with a Ruby inside.